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Welcome to the Dissertation Consulting Difference.

Complete Anonymity

Online Dissertation Consulting gives dissertation help in complete secrecy ahead demand. At the same time as we never overlook the infringement of academic policies, we comprehend that you might desire to look for help without exposing your name or other identifying information. Your reasons for outstanding unsigned are of no anxiety to us and you will not at all be questioned. Relax confident, although you will obtain the same outstanding service all of our other clients get. Contact us for help with your dissertation consulting.

Your Materials are Secure

As a substance of policy, no consumer information is always collective with any body outside of Online Dissertation Consulting, and all of your project materials are stored on encrypted, protected servers. In adding, all of the professionals at Online Dissertation consulting experience a thorough showing process to make sure you are working with only the most ethical, responsible professionals. On the other hand, proceeding to distribution materials with Online Dissertation Consulting, you will be furnishing with non-disclosure conformity to defend your expensive thinker property and formally stop us from using your materials without your authorization. Notice what we classically do for a dissertation methods section and dissertation consulting section.

Reasonable Pricing

The services obtainable by Online Dissertation Consulting are very sensibly priced, allowing still the "cash-strapped" graduate student right to use to world-class dissertation help. Pricing can variety from under a one-hundred to several thousand dollars. Online Dissertation Consulting offers a range of services and payment options to complete the requirements of every graduate student looking for dissertation help. Since we are devoted completely to students, we consider everybody that needs dissertation help should be able to receive dissertation consulting help.

Raising the Bar for Dissertation Help

Online Dissertation Consulting is a full-service consulting firm specializing in one-on-one assistance for graduate students completing a thesis or dissertation in pursuit of an advanced degree. Our team of experts is experienced in offering dissertation help to graduate students allowing us to provide results quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

Online Dissertation Consulting is not like other dissertation consultants that are really marketing firms, serving hundreds of graduate students at any given time, and simply outsourcing your work to the lowest bidder. Online Dissertation Consulting only serves a limited number of graduate students at any given time; this is the only way we can provide the one-on-one professional service you deserve. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to offer dissertation help to everyone that calls. However, it also means that our clients, once they are a part of the family, are guaranteed quality time, quality service, and quality results. We wouldn't have it any other way. See what we typically offer in a dissertation results section and a dissertation methods section.

At Online Dissertation Consulting we work diligently to ensure our clients receive what they need when they need it. In fact, we are so sure that we can help you with your dissertation, that we guarantee our work: if we are unable to provide work acceptable to your committee, we will refund your money. To this day we have never had to refund money. Join the Online Dissertation consulting family and see why we stand alone among the competition. Get a free, no obligation quote for dissertation help. No high-pressure sales ever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Statistics Solutions: Dedicated Dissertation Specialists 12/5/2010

Information Solutions consists of a team of professional statisticians specializing in dissertation and thesis research statistics. Dissertation consulting services offer many advantages: greater odds of successfully completing your dissertation with the aptitude to then use it to additional your career, and time reserves. Time constitutes the most valuable product to all graduate students. Time is money … coaching for another semester … predictable wages … job loss if the dissertation is not completed by a certain date.

No graduate student should be without a dissertation consultant. While many students have poured hours upon hours into creating meaningful studies, few have the time to learn the in-depth statistics, and their accompanying assumptions, which are necessary to complete their study. Many universities and mentors recommend retaining dissertation consulting services to aid in the dissertation process.

Here at Statistics Solutions, our dissertation consulting services expedite both the proposal approval and final approval processes. Consulting services include:

· Research Questions and Hypotheses

· Data Analysis

· Sample Size Calculation and Sample Size Justification

· Survey Research and Administration Help

· Data Entry

· Descriptive Statistics and Interpreting Statistics

· Statistical Analysis

· Defense Preparation

· APA Editing

Statistics Solutions also provides online methodological resources and training to assist graduate students throughout their graduate program including:

· Free Webinar Events

· Directory of Statistical Tests and Analyses

· Directory of Research Survey Instruments

· Dissertation Assistance: Social Networking for Dissertation Researchers

· Online Video Tutorials (coming soon!)

· Full SPSS Manual with Exercise Files (coming soon!)

Statistics Solutions provides complete solutions for your dissertation or thesis proposal and results chapters, from inception to defense. As professional methodologists and research dissertation consultants, we ensure satisfaction with your dissertation consulting services and the successful completion of your study and your degree.

To study how we can facilitate you in your dissertation consulting research, contact us using the form on the correctly section of this page or at this location. We will set you up with a free 30-minute consultation with our head statistician and owner, Dr. James Lani. During this dialogue, Dr. Lani will provide an analysis of your research study as well as an outline of the assistance that we can provide and cost. We can meet any time schedule (most results are delivered within one week) and guarantee results.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Expert Dissertation Consulting 6/5/2010

Dissertation consulting, known as the original program of individual coaching and consulting for students working on their dissertation, offers consulting with writing a document and conducting research, and provides direction through the entire writing process, from topic selection to doing well paper finish.

Generally speaking dissertation consulting and counseling services are helpful in:

Choosing a topic, narrowing the topic, developing a focus, and choosing variables;

Setting short and long term goals for designing and submitting chapters;

Completing your paper successfully in the shortest time possible.

Such services will also help you control you writing process as they:

Solve problems around topic selection;

Analyze options for methodology;

Select appropriate writing resources;

Define hypothesis and problem;

Establish limitations.

Coaching and consulting will also control your co-operation with your consultant by extracting feedback and definite help from your advisor; producing the product that your advisor is interested in; setting sensible goals; managing meetings with your advisor; discovering assumptions, biases and objectives of your advisor; advocating for your paper project; making your apprehension work for you.

Every time you are looking for a good piece of writing think about our dissertation consulting team offering personal supervision throughout all phases of the research process. We will analyze your work and think of the ways how to strengthen your research process and final product. We specialize in papers that explore depths of human activity and uphold integrity of human experience.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A Goal-Focused, Completion-Oriented Approach!

ARG has an innovative program of intensive individual dissertation consulting and coaching for those working on their dissertations.

In addition to offering assistance with the research and writing of the manuscript, we provide professional guidance through the dissertation consulting process, from topic selection to completion.

The most common problem clients describe is that they receive no advisement or poor advisement, and are literally lost in the process.

Our dissertation Consultation services will help you to:

· Select a topic, develop a focus, narrow the topic, choose variables.

· Set clearly defined short and long term goals for preparing and submitting chapters.

· Successfully complete your dissertation in the shortest time possible.

Consulting Services will help you control your dissertation by:

· Problem-solving around topic selection.

· Analyzing options for methodology.

· Defining the "problem" and hypotheses.

· Selecting appropriate literature.

· Establishing limitations and significance.

Dissertation consulting will help you to work cooperatively and productively with your advisor and committee by:

· Producing the product your advisor wants.

· Extracting specific guidance and feedback from your advisor.

· Understanding your rights as a doctoral candidate.

· Establishing realistic goals.

· Appropriately handling meetings with your advisor.

· Developing interpersonal and communications skills which will smooth the process.

· Discovering your advisor's underlying assumptions, objectives and biases.

· Making your anxiety work FOR you.

· Becoming assertive in advocating for your project.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Dissertation Consulting Services

Dissertation consulting services are available to offer a doctoral degree looking for student a variety of services. The dissertation process can be difficult, tricky, time consuming and trying. Dissertation consulting services are available to help ease the trouble that the graduate candidate feels as he or she sets out to comprehensive his or her dissertation.

Dissertation consulting services ease the burden a doctoral student feels while working on his or her dissertation in many ways. For one, dissertation consulting services will help students “get a grip” on the dissertation as the consultant will start with the completion of a timeline that will be followed in order to complete the dissertation. This timeline is a detailed “map of success” as it details exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The dissertation consultants know how important it is to have a very detailed “map” of what needs to be done. It is amazing to see how much stress is relieved by just having the steps of the dissertation mapped out for the student! With the steps of the dissertation outlined, there is no guesswork as to what comes next—and therefore there are no mistakes in terms of what needs to happen and when it needs to happen. With the timeline established and the help of dissertation consultant, the student is sure to finish on time and with success.

Not only does the dissertation consulting services help the learner map-out the dissertation and what they will need to do, the dissertation consultant also provides all of the tool that the doctorate candidate needs in order to actually complete these steps. Oftentimes doctoral degree seeking students are not very solid in terms of their foundation in statistics. This lack of a foundation in statistics is not a problem because the dissertation consultant will fill in all the gaps of statistical knowledge. The professional statisticians at Statistics Solutions will take the graduate candidate through the complex science of statistics, and they will also teach the process and methodologies of statistics. Thus, the student who uses dissertation consulting services will be much more capable and knowledgeable in statistics once they have received the help of dissertation consulting services.